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Rachael Reeves
 says Ellie is really missing her Wes Wes tonight she said it is not okay that he is with God and that she lost him and she wants him to come down here and sleep She keeps saying she lost her baby brother and Where is he?
Rachael Reeves
 Ellie Excited suddenly stood up and said Baby brother here. She said he jumped and he jumped and he need his fi fi (Paci) . She said he happy. I asked to hold him she came in my lap and I asked if Baby brother here she said yes. I said tell him I like holdin him. She repeated that. She told him we like him here.
Rachael Reeves
 Ellie Mae just came in here Frantic and said where my WES WES..... I said on the Table Honey. She grabbed her Wes Wes doll and hugged it and said oh my WES WES...... I Love my Wes Wes.
Maybe (Shooter dont voice things like Ellie) He is with him too
Ellie was looking at pics of Shooter in the hospital and she said Baby Brother saw him. !
Rachael Reeves
  it is almost 12:30 and I finally got everyone sleeping. Ellie is sleeping in the Recliner tonight. Which is nice since I am sleeping on the fold out couch bed I can check on her frequently.
June 12 at 12:28am
Rachael Reeves
 Ellie just ran into me Baby Brother Baby Brother I said what she said Baby Brother smiled at me Baby Brother Up here (as she point upward)
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