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Rachael Reeves
 Tracy just said to her niece "I love you all the way to the moon!" to which she replied "That's where baby brother is. He's swingin' on BIIIIG swing. He's in the stars!" 

maw maw says behave
Weston you lil stinker you .......
Was vacuuming and no one around no tension on chord. It stops I look at plug in hallway its laying right under plug in. I plug it in again start again and it stops again. I look out in hallway there is chord just laying as if put there. I said Weston behave. It never happened again. I think he was playing with me as I was in a mood this morning.
The other day Mommy said she saw someone go fast across room. Were you flying around teasing.?
Paw said surely he would not obey that fast he has CHISM blood in him. I said Dear he is an ANGEL now remember that !!!!!! LOL 

and the night before you visited a friend of mine in her dream so IM gonna share that here too.

{hi lori last night i had a dream i was siyying on a rock when the young boy and dog walking on dirt road the boy said hi chris and the dog ran to me the boy sat next to me i ask him how you know mine name he said you know mine grandma lori i said your weston he smile said yes i said weston died at the age 2 months old he said god made me a young boy so i can see mine family and there friends
he told me he saw mine mom and dad mine brother and mine brother-in law so God sent me down to talk to me weston thank me being your friend annd being there at his death praying for you family 
he said he know it hard for you and family but he see the friends you have he said i got to go see more of mine family friends he tought mine hand and said thank you chris being mine grandma friend he go up him and dog walk again on the dirt road i woke up 
and tear just roll down mine check lori i always be there for you all even i dont leave comment mine heart and prays still sent to you all chris

And what she could not know and I had not shared was that the night before I was looking up at your moon and for shooting stars as they were suppose to happen that night. I was asking to see you so bad and earlier that day I saw 11:11 and said make a wish and I said I wished you could be here or I could hear from you. So Now I think you did both. I heard from you via Chris and you were here! 

Rachael Reeves
 Ellie just said baby brother goes like this (and shook her booty LOL) then she said Weston is in the sky!!!!

August 7th, 2011
Rachael Reeves
 Ellie is having a hard time today missing her baby brother but she said he goes (ha ha like this) and he has his fifi and she does a sucking motion with her mouth. But she cried for 20 minutes saying she lost him


  • she said I love baby brother
  •  Ellie says baby brother sees me and he smiles then he cried and I got his fifi
Rachael Reeves
 July 23 at 9:30pm
 Here recently Ellie has had a hard time with Weston not being here she asks where he is and says she lost him. I feel so bad for her because she knows he is not here but is only 2 and does not understand. After Weston passed we stayed at my Mom's for a little over a week because going to our house was too hard. But ever since we came back to our house Ellie has slept in the living room where Weston's pack and play is (also the night he passed away she slept in the living room in the recliner while I slept on the couch and Weston was in the pack and play she was in the recliner because she hurt her nose and I wanted to keep an eye on her) So anyways last night she was laying in her room an accidently fell asleep in her bed. And woke up 30 minutes later in a panic and asked me to get her Daddy so she could get out of here. 
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